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Crystal Power

Course Includes:

  • 4 weeks of PDFs & Powerpoints

  • Multiple videos of instruction

  • 8 meditations (2 per week)

  • Group Chats

Videos, PDFs, & projects all include:

  • crystal medicine

  • working with crystal energy

  • the nature of crystals

  • advanced healing techniques

  • & more!

Your Instructor



"Light of Ryga"

Little is known about this creature in it’s pre-awakened state, but in recent years science has taken great strides in advancement. We know that it feeds mainly on grass and grains, spending a portion of it’s waking life in a meditative trance. It seems to find comfort and safety in the company of rocks, and it’s theorized by the top minds in the field that this species worships these stones as if they were deities in some kind of non-secular crystalline belief system. It seems to be drawn to bicycles, tarot cards, and games of all types, though we can’t seem to detect a pattern in it’s erratic behavior. Significantly more study is needed in order to further understand this bizarre aberration of nature.

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