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Mayan Astrology

Course Includes:

  • 4 weeks of PDFs, worksheets, & projects

  • 6 instructional videos

  • 2 Audios

  • 4 live chats

Included in the PDFs, worksheets, & projects:

  • Introduction to the Tzolk'in

  • Day signs & numbers

  • Trecenas & calendar "rounds"

  • Year lords

  • Sun & moon connection to the Tzolk'in

  • Create & read your birth chart

  • Create compatibility charts

Your Instructor



"Kittens, Weights, & Tarot"

"Tara is an intuitive Tarot ReaderMedium, Head Mistress of the León Mystery School, Co-Owner of Desert Cauldron, & creator of the Wally's World Oracle and Victorian Flower Oracle. She has taught multiple courses through Ouassima's Core Magik workshops.  She utilizes her knowledge of Mayan Astrology,  tarot, herbs, and energy to create a truly magickal life. She is the creator of Kittens, Weights, and Tarot."

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