Mayan Astrology

Course Includes:

  • 4 weeks of PDFs, worksheets, & projects

  • 6 instructional videos

  • 2 Audios

  • 4 live chats

Included in the PDFs, worksheets, & projects:

  • Introduction to the Tzolk'in

  • Day signs & numbers

  • Trecenas & calendar "rounds"

  • Year lords

  • Sun & moon connection to the Tzolk'in

  • Create & read your birth chart

  • Create compatibility charts

Your Instructor



"Kittens, Weights, & Tarot"

"Tara is an intuitive Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand card reader, Medium, & author. She has taught multiple courses through Ouassima's Core Magik workshops. Tara is the creator of the Wally's World Oracle: A Healing Journey through Sacred Sites & The Victorian Flower Oracle. Tara is a high school teacher, track & field coach, Photos by Tara photographer, professional opera singer, & NBFE-CPT certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She believes you can turn to tarot for some crazy awesome workouts; the pendulum will always swing "yes" when she asks if she should do legs :o) Tara is the creator of Kittens, Weights, & Tarot. She lives with her skeptical, no-nonsense boyfriend, who cooks her dinner every night, & her little puma named Wally + her panther, Loki."