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Fly Away Spread

Hey Guys & Gals! I thought I'd share a little spread that I created last week as part of a course through the Tarot Readers Academy. I was taking a course called "Embracing the Medium Within Using the Tarot" by Sharron Bassanti & she challenged her students to create a spread that could be used, not only for tarot, but for mediumship as well. Since this is October, the veil between the spirit world & ours is much thinner; what better time to connect to our loved ones! I already created a spread for connecting to our fur babies called "The Rainbow Bridge Spread," but I will create a separate blog post for that, later. For this spread, you will not only have to employ your intuition, but mediumship abilities as well (get those Clairs working, baby!) so that you can add any extra messages that spirit is sending you.

I have posted a walk-through of this spread on my YouTube channel & I will be offering this type of reading on my Etsy Shop very soon :o)

Fly Away Spread

Card 1: "My energy right now." This will help give a general overview of the current emotional or psychological state of the spirit. He/She may still be settling in, going through another transition, or milling about, waiting to be seen by their spirit counselor.

Card 2: "What my transition was like." We are all so curious to know if our loved one felt any pain, was scared, or fearful during transition. We have all gone through this very transition several times over in past lives, but it's probably a good thing that we don't remember, lol! This should be a comforting message to the querent as transition would never be a physically painful ordeal.

Card 3: "How I tried to comfort you." This will most likely be a message that is tailored for the querent, as the message might be very personal. Maybe, a nurse came in to give them a hug, maybe a dog ran up to lick their hand, or a humming bird appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Card 4: " Main thing to learn." Life on Earth is like a study abroad program, so what was on the spirit's schedule? What did they come here to learn? This will not be an exhaustive list, but a general overview.

Card 5: "Still needs work." Just like school, we may not ace every class, or pass every unit. So, what still needs to be worked on by the loved one?

Card 6 & 7: "My Signs." What signs is spirit trying to give the querent? Maybe the querent hasn't consciously looked so, this may be something for them to keep an eye out for.

Card 8: "How to honor me." When people are grieving, they usually are at a loss for how to honor their loved one. Does Uncle Jack really need a 25 foot statue erected in his name? Does Grandma Gilda really want you to beat yourself up over her death for the next 10 years? Sometimes the smallest of gestures would mean the world to spirit.

Card 9: "Message for healing." This is something that, above all else, the spirit truly believes is best for the querent to hear at this moment.

Card 10: "Between you and me." This is a personal message that maybe only the spirit & querent would understand. This should help put aside any doubts they might have that their loved one truly is "okay."

There you have it guys! Let me now if you tried this out, or any thoughts you may have on this. Thanks for stopping by--sending you off with tons of love & light!!! Peace out!

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