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Thanksgiving Turkey Spread

What up my spiritual homies!? If you're chillin' in the U.S, then you know that Thanksgiving is in just a few days (Mmmm, gravy boat). Therefore, I have decided to bring you this plump & feathery spread to commemorate said holiday. BUT, don't think that this can only be used for the American Thanksgiving; this can be applied to anyone, anytime, anywhere! Gobble, gobble, indeed :oP

I have posted a walk-through of this spread on my YouTube channel so, def check it out!

Thanksgiving Turkey Spread

Card 1: "What area of your life is over-cooked?" This can help shed some light on areas of burnout & fatigue. Oftentimes, life gets so crazy we often start recognizing it as the norm. This let's you see where you need a little TLC.

Card 2: "What area of your life is under-cooked?" This might be an area that gets over-looked when you have a massive to-do list. This is an important area that needs to be thrown to the TOP of the list.

Card 3: "What is your life stuffed with right now?" It could be filled with good stuff, stressful stuff, etc., but at least you have some light on what makes up your busy-ness.

Card 4: " White Meat." This is all the love and light you are putting out into the world. Give your self a high five in this arena!

Card 5: "Dark Meat." We all have areas of our lives that need a little work. If we were perfect, we wouldn't have re-incarnated :o)

Card 6: "The 'platter' that supports you best right now." This might be a person, activity, job that is giving you the love & support you need. This is your light.

Card 7: "Areas to be thankful for." Sometimes we need someone to point out where we are so blessed & fortunate. The craziness of life sometimes obscures this.

Well as Porky Pig would say, "That's all folks!" Let me now if you tried this out, or any thoughts you may have on this. Thanks for coming over--sending you off with tons of love & light!!! Peace out!

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