"Tara is an intuitive Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand card reader, Medium, & author. She has taught multiple courses through Ouassima's Core Magik workshops. Tara is the creator of the Wally's World Oracle: A Healing Journey through Sacred Sites & the Victorian Flower Oracle. Tara is a high school teacher, track & field coach, Photos by Tara photographer, professional opera singer, & NBFE-CPT certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She believes you can turn to tarot for some crazy awesome workouts; the pendulum will always swing "yes" when she asks if she should do legs :o) Tara is the creator of Kittens, Weights, & Tarot. She lives with her skeptical, no-nonsense boyfriend, who cooks her dinner every night, & her little puma named Wally + her panther, Loki."

Hello to all my new metaphysically pumped peeps! I can't wait to share with you my love of tarot and I am so excited to help you on your journey! Consider me your spiritual trainer for metaphysical fitness.

So, a little about me-- my boyfriend refers to me as a "dork," I'm a huge Trekkie (It's Star Trek the Next Generation, or go home), I love Hello Kitty just as much as any Japanese girl (P.S., I'm Filipina), I have a tarot deck collecting habit (Some would say it's out of control; by "some," I mean my boyfriend), I love to sew, sketch, & one day I'm going to finish writing my book about my rotten childhood (Don't worry, my misfortune is actually pretty funny; mostly because people are glad it didn't happen to them). I've always been an active girl, excelling in track & field, earning school records, going to state, eventually running for CSU Long Beach. I was one of those girls who could hang out with the "jocks" or my nerdy friends who ate lunch in the Chemistry room.

So where does my woo woo side come in? Ever since I can remember, I have always "sensed" things around me that I couldn't see. I dreamt things that would come true or talked with deceased relatives while I slept. For a long while, I turned my gift away because it frightened me; I didn't understand it. Then, some years ago, I suddenly wasn't afraid anymore; I embraced it. My abilities have been growing & changing ever since. I have always believed that if you have a gift, you must share it with the world and try to help make someone else's life better in the process-- I mean, why else are we here?

If you are feeling some good vibes, then hit me up for a reading. I do readings via Viber call, e-mail, or video here in the good 'ol U.S. of A. 

I look forward to getting spiritually pumped with you!

Peace, Love, & Chicken Grease,

Tara :o)

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"This was an amazing reading!! 100 stars! She helped me identify who my current guides are that are helping me the most and in what areas."

- April, Who are Your Trainers? Spirit Guide Reading

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"[She] is very accurate and uncanny..."

- Ally, Artist

"I loved my reading with Tara! She has a very relaxed way of reading that immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable It's like listening to a friend."

- Kayla, Spirit Mediumship Reading

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