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My Reading Style

I am a channeler, which means that I can connect to energies, in whatever form, outside of myself and either translate their messages through my Higher Self, or directly through my own body. I also read Tarot and Oracle cards intuitively, meaning I go with the messages that I receive from my higher self, Source, elemental energies, and/or my guides. 

I can help throw those bright, halogen, gym lights on situations where you may not understand: why you are not moving forward, you feel stuck, you wonder why you keep making the same "mistakes" or decisions, or whatever your BLOCKS may be. I'm here to help create a more decisive, knowledgeable, healthier YOU! 

I want to make it clear that I am NOT a fortune teller.  I can see potential outcomes for your situation, and help guide you to an outcome that would help guide you on your "path" for your highest good, but I will never say that a certain future is set in stone.

If you have any questions regarding readings, my style, or you just want to talk about woo woo stuff and leg workouts send me a message on Facebook, shoot me an e-mail in the form below, or check out my YouTube channel.

"This was such a unique reading offering, and I loved the experience. I loved that I get to take away a tangible reminder of what I'm working on!!! Highly recommend this reading. Absolutely loved it, and the turn around time was so fast. I felt greedy receiving my reading so soon! Grateful for this shop."


"What an amazing reading! Really interesting to learn about who is currently guiding me on my life's journey and Tara was sooo warm and lovely always! Thank you so much :)"

Olivia Calvert

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