My Reading Style

I read Tarot & Oracle cards intuitively, meaning I go with the messages that I recieve from my higher self, Angels, elemental energies, or my guides (sometimes even your guides!). The only cards that do not allow my own intuition are my Lenormand spreads. Lenormand has a very rigid structure and the card meanings are sort of set in stone. The power, then, comes from my intuition to chose the cards that are best for your situation. BUT, people dig Lenormand and it's been around since the 1700's when it was first developed in France.

I can help throw those bright, halogen, gym lights on situations where you may not understand why you are not moving forward, you feel stuck, you wonder why you keep making the same "mistakes" or decisions, or whatever your BLOCKS may be. I'm here to help create a more decisive, knowledgeable, healthier YOU! Helping to add a little mental and physical muscle beef is nice, too :oP

I want to make it clear that I am NOT a fortune teller.  What's the point of being on this earth if we don't have free will? (Seriously, go watch "Dogma" or "Constantine") I can see potential outcomes for your situation, and help guide you to an outcome that would help you stay on your "path" for your highest good, but I will never say that a certain future is set in stone.

If you have any questions regarding readings, my style, or you just want to talk about woo woo stuff and leg workouts send me a message on Facebook or shoot me an e-mail in the form below.

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"My readings with Tara have been enlightening, helpful and healing. Her gift as a Tarot Card reader and Psychic have provided invaluable guidance. I always look forward to my next reading with Tara..."

- Sharmay, Professional Opera Singer & Voice Teacher

"Tara has abilities that I cannot explain. She has taken me out of my comfort zone. I'm doing things that, as a 65 year old man, I thought I was too old to do, like change."

- Joseph, Retired

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