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Ancestors & Past Lives

Week 1: 

Topics covered:  Ancestors and Building Them An Altar


  • Who Are Your Ancestors?
  • Types of Ancestor Altars


  • Finding the Altar that Works for You.


  • What to Place on an Ancestor Altar.

  • How does this translate into a spiritual practice? 

  • Ways of Connecting with your Ancestors.

Week 2

Topics covered: Using Tarot To Connect With Ancestors


  • Spreads for connecting with your Ancestors.


  • Ways to Work With Your Ancestors For The Benefit Of All.


Week 3:

Topics covered Past Lives and How They Impact This Life


  • What are Past Lives? 
  • How Can We Connect To Our Past Lives?    

  • Guided Past Life Regression.  

  • Journaling Our Past Life Memories.

  • Releasing What We Don’t Need & Channeling The Things That Can Help Us In The Here And Now.

Week 4

Topics covered: Tarot and Past Life Work

  • Ways of Using the Tarot to Work through Past Life Trauma.

  • Ways To Find What Doesn’t Serve Us In This Life.


  • Chat With Your Future Self.

Your Instructor

Jonathan Dailey

"Jonathan Daily"

Jonathan has been interested in Past Lives since he had a regression at the age of 13, and has been leading others on their own past life explorations for 30+ years. During the same time that he was introduced to past life regression, he was also introduced to the Tarot. He has been fascinated with how to tie the two together for many years now. He has many esoteric interests: Past Lives, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Crystals, Astrology, Working with Ancestors, Mayan Hieroglyphics, Pendulum Use, Chinese Medicine, and Esoteric forms of Acupuncture. 

He is an Acupuncturist and Health Coach, Tarot & Oracle Reader, Artist, Teacher, & Student of Many Subjects. He enjoys time in Nature connecting with the Elements, reading many subjects, spending time with his family, and taking in all that his home Maui has to offer. He looks forward to helping you live your best life.

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