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Love Spells

Course Includes:

  • 4 weeks of PDFs 

  • 4+ videos of instruction

  • 4 Live Chats

Videos, PDFs, & projects all include:

  • candle magick

  • working with herbs

  • utilizing the elements 

  • working with chanting

  • self love shifts

  • symbolism

  • plus, utilizing tarot & oracle in your love spells

Your Instructor


Dyane Arenas Caputo

"Divine Inner Love"

I am filled with deep gratitude for this chance to walk by your side on this sacred journey, to lovingly hold your heart in deep compassion, to help you awaken to the Love of God/Goddess within, and to assist you in grounding your Loving Presence upon the Earth. 

My journey was one of study of ancient teachings in the Universe. There were incantations, litanies, rituals, and the learning of scared knowledge only given to those deemed worthy. 

Not all of the Initiates would remain at the end of the Initiations, only those allegedly chosen by the gods after years of study and sacrifice - those who passed the tests of the gods, who now guide others to elevate their frequency to their highest potential. And I am one of them. 


My Spiritual Guides, my Angels and Jesus, have requested for me to share this Divine Guidance, and I must listen and share it with you. 

All my work is always with the Angels and Ascended Masters. Jesus is always by my side assisting me. 

I walk in the middle of four Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel; in the middle, Jesus is walking right by my side. 

And here I am now, I humbly offer myself as a holy witness to your beautiful journey of spiritual unfolding. 

I honour you for hearing the call and bless you with a waterfall of Divine Love.

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