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Race to the Finish Spread

I was a track & field athlete for many years, but you don't have to run or pump iron to do this spread. It's easy to see that life can easily be seen as an event, or meet, or tournament, etc. Use this spread to figure out what's going on in your current situation!

I have posted a walk-through of this spread on my YouTube channel so, def check it out!

"Race to the Finish" Spread

Card 1: "Unknown athlete" Sometimes life throws us through a loop. What energies/events might you need a heads up about?

Card 2: "The athlete" This card represents you! What energy is currently surrounding you?

Card 3: "The undefeated" What blocks might you have right now in terms of work, finances, vacations, etc.?

Card 4: "Teammate" Who can you turn to for a little help for whatever it is you are going through? (P.S., this could be a guide, angel, human, etc.)

Feel free to modify this spread to fit your needs. I, personally, incorporate this spread when I need to check in to my state of being, awareness, etc., but you can use it however you wish. Let me now if you tried this out, or any thoughts you may have on this.

Thanks for hangin' out--sending you off with tons of love & light!!! Peace out!

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