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The Wally Spread

Ever wake up to a face full of pink puma tummy? No? Then, you are seriously missing out, lol! My metaphysical peep, WildFeatha, created a YouTube hashtag called, #SpreadChallenge. She challenged everyone to create their own fun, unique spread and post it on their channel. The inspiration for my spread (& my whole company, really) is my little Wally Wallito. If we all lived like Wally, we'd all be happy, buff pumas. Enjoy!

I have posted a walk-through of this spread on my YouTube channel so, def check it out!

The "Wally" Spread

Card 1: "Puma Noms" Which area of your life needs some extra nourishment?

Card 2: "A Time to Kill" What no longer serves you? What needs to be "cut out?"

Card 3: "Puma Snores" Which area of your life do you need more rest? Where do you need a time out?

Card 4: "Crazy Head" What area of your life is a little imbalanced?

Card 5: "Pink Puma Tummy" What area of your life needs a little more self-love? Where do you need to laugh more? Have more fun?

Feel free to modify this spread to fit your needs. I, personally, would incorporate this spread when I need to check in with my life, my well-being, but you can use it however you wish. Let me now if you tried this out, or any thoughts you may have on this.

Thanks for checkin' out my Wally-tastic spread--sending you off with tons of love & light!!! Peace out!

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