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Where's Your Head At? Spread

I created this spread for Simon of the Hermit's Cave's "24 Hour Tarotthon." Even though this is a simple 3 card spread, I feel that it can be REALLY beneficial for those times we need to head check ourselves. So dive on in & see what is bouncing around in that squishy grey matter. Much love to you guys!

I have posted a walk-through of this spread on my YouTube channel so, def check it out!

Where's Your Head At? Spread

Card 1: Current mental state. Sometimes we have so much going on we really can't verbalize how we are mentally.

Card 2: What occupies most of my thoughts? Sometimes a certain item(s) will occupy so much of our thinking, for so long, that we don't even realize how much brain power it's actually taking up.

Card 3: How can I best balance my mental state? We are always looking to strike a balance with everything inside & outside of us.

Here's an alternative to try...

Card 1: What's the issue? This is an issue, that you may consider a non-issue, but is definitely taking up a lot of brain space.

Card 2: Why does this bother me so much? Sometimes we wonder why certain things get so under our skin.

Card 3: How can I change my perspective of the situation?

Feel free to modify this spread to fit your needs. I, personally, would incorporate this spread when I am feeling a bit "off." But, you can use it however you wish. Let me now if you tried this out, or any thoughts you may have on this.

Thanks for checkin' out my Where's Your Head At? Spread--sending you off with tons of love & light!!! Peace out!

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