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KWT Live Chat "420 Spread"

Thank you to everyone in our Sunday Live Chat who helped create this fun spread to honor the plant medicine known as Marijuana! If you missed the live chat, you can check it out HERE. 

"420" Spread

Card 1:  What energy can I tap into at this time to aid my psychic abilities?

Card 2:  How can I incorporate the energy of Cannabis into my daily routine?

Card 3:  How does my Pituitary Gland factor into my Ascension?

Card 4:  How can Mary Jane assist me in my Ascension?

Card 5: Mama Gaia's message from our herbal allies.

Card 6:  How can Cannabis aid me in unblocking my chakras?

Card 7:  How can I embody the wisdom of this plant friend?  

Feel free to modify this spread to fit your needs. Pull as many cards as your wish. This will be fun to use during 4/20, and any time you need a little insight. You can use this spread however you wish. Let me now if you try this out, or any thoughts you may have on this.

Thanks for checkin' out our "KWT Live Chat 420" Spread--

sending you off with tons of love & light!!! 

Peace out!

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