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"The Truth is Out" There Spread

During one of my Saturday Live Chats (Sat. @10:30AM PST) I thought it would be fun for everyone to participate in creating a spread together. We all decided we needed something that could help give us answers to difficult questions or answers that have gone unanswered for awhile. Basically, if you are flustered with not getting a straight answer in a large situation either personal or global, this is the spread for you. I received a download from the Universe that said to remember that "truth" is subjective & maybe the truth you receive is only mean to be the catalyst for change, thus altering the future. Here is the link to the walk-through of this spread on my YouTube channel so, def check it out!

"The Truth is Out There" Spread

Card 1: What is the cold hard truth of the situation?

Card 2: What other factors need to be considered in this situation?

Card 3: Why is this situation here?

Card 4: What can I learn from this situation?

Card 5: Why is this situation triggering me?

Card 6: What blocks are coming up for me? OR What blocks is this situation creating, that I must work through?

Card 7: How can I handle this situation for my best & highest good?

Card 8: If I follow the advice, what strengths/skills can I gain from this situation?

Card 9: What am I not seeing at all in this situation?

Card 10: What am I not seeing clearly in this situation?

Card 11: WWMD? (What Would Mulder Do?) What important question is not being asked?

Card 12: What should I release in this situation?

Card 13: If I follow the advice, where will I see myself in 1 yr. time?

Feel free to modify this spread to fit your needs. When I completed this spread during the live chat---My mind was BLOWN! Be ready for some big answers with a lot to have a deep think about. However, you can use it however you wish. Let me now if you try this out, or any thoughts you may have on this.

Thanks for checkin' out my "Truth is Out There" Spread--

sending you off with tons of love & light!!!

Peace out!

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