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If you've ever gazed up at the clouds and were able to make out images like dragons, a cat, or a dude surfing a burrito (is that just me?), then you have tried your hand at scrying. I believe that the divine sends us messages that tap into our psychology so that we can interpret images we can easily understand for self-healing & clarity on life's issues.

Crystal Scrying Session

  • The Get Your Scry On Reading is a 20 min. video call, or 10 mins. for a pre-recorded video link to your reading (P.S., It's way more intense & full of info).

    I'll gaze into my lovely crystals to find blocks, challenges, or anything else you made need looking into! Readings can include any or all of the following: 
    Tarot reading
    Angel reading 
    Lenormand reading
    Talking through any blocks or concerns you currently have
    Chakra work

    Anything else that needs work!

  • Sorry, no refunds. Please see our "Ethics" tab under the "Privacy Policy" tab up at the top.

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