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I have been working with Qi energy & chakra work for over 10 years. Upon booking, you may specify an area you wish me to look at & work on; you may also request a "general" healing. There is no need to be lying down during your healing session; feel free to go about your day. I will e-mail you when the healing will begin & I will e-mail you once it is complete, along with any insights I come across. This is not to replace the advice, or professional expertise, of a medical practitioner, but rather a supplement for the healing process.

Distant Energy Healing

  • The Distant Energy Healing is a 30 min. session or 60 min. session devoted entirely to you.

    As an energy healer, I will connect with your energy body with the use of Qi, intuition, and crystals. Healings can include any or all of the following: 
    Chakra Balancing
    Energetic Body Reading/ Healing

    Anything else that needs work!

  • Sorry, no refunds. Please see our "Ethics" tab under the "Privacy Policy" tab up at the top.

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