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Do you love the ocean? Often get water stuck in your ear? Long to own a fin instead of legs? Perhaps you'd benefit from the Mermaid Workout! The Mermaid Workout, with the use of seashells as a divinatory tool, "dives" into whatever area of your life you need "ocean blue" clarity on.

Seashell Reading (Conchomancy)

  • The Mermaid Workout Conchomancy Reading is a 20 min. video call, or 10 mins. for a pre-recorded video link to your reading (P.S., It's way more intense & full of info).

    We'll splash around in the waters of your life to suss out blocks, challenges, repetitive patterns, or whatever else you may need help with! Readings can include any or all of the following: 
    Tarot reading
    Angel reading 
    Lenormand reading
    Crystal reading
    Talking through any blocks or concerns you currently have
    Chakra work

    Anything else that needs work!

  • Sorry, no refunds. Please see our "Ethics" tab under the "Privacy Policy" tab up at the top.

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