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Have you been wandering around the gym wondering, "Who the heck are my trainers? And how do I even use this equipment? Where do I even begin? Annnnd, why is that guy grunting in the corner at the squat rack?" Of course I am talking about your Spirit Guides. They are always sending us guidance & messages, but if you don't know what we should be looking for we may accidentally miss them.

Spirit Guide Reading

  • Who Are Your Trainers? is a 30 min. pre-recorded video reading.

    We'll connect you with your Spirit Guide "team" & connect you with what they need you to know right now to get you on your highest path! Readings can include any or all of the following: 

    Tarot reading
    Angel reading 
    Lenormand reading
    Crystal reading
    Talking through any blocks or concerns you currently have
    Chakra work

    Whatever your guides think is best for you!

  • Sorry, no refunds. Please see our "Ethics" tab under the "Privacy Policy" tab up at the top.

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